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Two things to remember…

Today’s children will live most of their lives after 2040.

We can make their future lives better in North Carolina.

When my grandkids were younger, we would often get down on the floor and create miniature worlds with LEGOs. With LEGOs, you can make the world any way you want, even if you are a three-year old.

When my grandkids start their adult lives in the 2040s, though, they will enter the world we made for them. It will not be one they can manipulate like LEGOs. I wonder if they will find good paying jobs and affordable places to live? Will they enjoy the same rights and opportunities we have? And will they be safe from crime, pollution, pandemics, and natural disasters?

If they stay in America, it will make a difference where they live because our states almost look like 50 nations within a nation. North Carolina is often rated the best state for business. You can go to Oregon for great air quality. Iowa has the most affordable housing. Maryland has the highest family incomes. Massachusetts covers everyone with health insurance. Or, go to Maine for the lowest crime rate.

These differences come from times in states’ histories when leaders decided to move their state in a particular direction. Sometimes their citizens pushed them that way. When citizens have strong values and large numbers behind a proposal, their pressure often makes the difference.

We can create the future we want for the next generation

If other states have done it, so can we? We only need to do two things between now and the 2040s to make the future great for the next generation in North Carolina:

• Ask of each initiative: will it be good for the next generation? • Support leaders who think a generation ahead – and vote out the shortsighted ones.

Politics and persuasion are LEGOs for adults. They are the way we construct our future world. You don’t have to be a mega-donor to be influential in states. Most state representatives will meet with you and take to heart what you have to say. They often have children or grandchildren of their own.

At the age of 74, I am starting North Carolina 2040 with many questions and few answers, so please help me out. While others are stuck in the daily news cycle, let’s be the farsighted people who look ahead by decades. Join me to explore how we can build the best future for our kids and grandkids in North Carolina.



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