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The Antidote to Gerrymandering? Run an Independent Like Shelane Etchison!

Apr 13, 2024 | Democracy, Elections, Government, North Carolina, Voters | 0 comments

Everyone knows that there are many people who will never vote for a Democrat. Many will never vote for a Republican. So, whichever party is in power in North Carolina uses their knowledge of voting patterns to set up as many safe districts for their candidates as they can. Democrats did it when they were in power. Now it’s the Republicans’ turn..

So, how can you give voters in these safe districts get a real choice in November? I wanted to pass along a link to Thomas Mill’s PoliticsNC article for some interesting thoughts on the problem. He profiles Shelane Etchison, an independent who is running as a candidate in NC’s 9th Congressional district. It is a thought-provoking read.

Running independents in safe Republican and Democratic districts is one way to shake up the establishment without the need for changes in the NC Constitution or election law.

Our two-party system for electing members of Congress only gives voters two choices — and in safe districts just one. I have to think that our kids — who are used to multiple choices in so many parts of their lives — will not be happy with a system that serves them up such limited options. Why vote if the outcome is predetermined? Maybe independent candidates in safe districts are a part of the answer.



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