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The Values of North Carolina’s Foresight Infrastructure

Apr 28, 2024 | Future, North Carolina, Well-being | 1 comment

Back in January, I did a Google search for organizations in North Carolina that used foresight to improve the well-being of the next generation. I listed the think-tanks, advocacy organizations, and government departments I found — along with their mission and vision statements — in my post Future Makers — The Foresight Infrastructure of North Carolina.

In the last couple weeks, I heard about the capabilities of an artificial intelligence service called Claude 3 and decided to see how many organizations it could find that were concerned with the well-being of the next generation. It came up with a shorter list than I did, but named some I had overlooked. I have added those to my original post.

In this post, I thought it would be interesting to let Claude 3 summarize the organizational values I found in my earlier post. I think it did a pretty good job! Here is Claude 3’s summary about the expressed values of these forward-looking organizations —

Claude 3’s first response about values and NC organizations

Based on the information provided about these North Carolina organizations, there are some common values and principles that emerge:

1. Protecting the environment, wildlife, natural resources, and public lands.

   – Sierra Club of North Carolina

   – North Carolina Wildlife Federation

   – Conservation Trust for North Carolina

2. Promoting clean energy solutions and addressing climate change.

   – NC Sustainable Energy Association

   – Southern Environmental Law Center 

   – CleanAIRE NC

   – Environment North Carolina

3. Advancing equity, inclusion, diversity and justice, especially for underserved communities most impacted by environmental issues.

   – North Carolina Justice Center

   – Emancipate NC

   – ACLU of North Carolina

   – Democracy North Carolina

4. Ensuring access to quality education and expanding educational opportunities for all.

   – Public School Forum

   – EducationNC

   – My Future NC

   – North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation

5. Strengthening democracy through increased public participation, voter access, and fair representation.

   – Common Cause NC

   – Democracy North Carolina

   – Carolina Forward

6. Advocating for progressive policies and holding elected leaders accountable.

   – Progress North Carolina

   – North Carolina Justice Center

   – North Carolina League of Conservation Voters

7. Fostering economic security, prosperity and opportunity for all North Carolinians.

   – North Carolina Rural Center

   – Carolina Demography

   – Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

   – North Carolina Employee Ownership Center

8. Improving public health through access to healthcare and tackling issues like gun violence.

   – North Carolina Alliance for Health 

   – North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

   – North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

   – North Carolina Public Health Association

9. Using research, data, and science to inform policy decisions.

   – Institute for Emerging Issues

   – NC Institute of Medicine

   – John Locke Foundation

   – NC Clean Energy Technology Center

10. Collaborating across sectors to find solutions to the state’s critical challenges.

    – North Carolina Leadership Forum

    – Institute for Emerging Issues

    – North Carolina Partnership for Children (& Smart Start)

11. Empowering and mobilizing communities and stakeholders to have a voice in shaping NC’s future.

    – North Carolina Association of Educators

    – North Carolina Housing Coalition

    – NC Child

12. Preserving cultural heritage and the arts.

    – Arts North Carolina

    – NC Humanities Council

Are there more?

I have read that you can sometime push these AI models to give you more, so I asked, “Is there anything else?” This is what Claude replied:

Yes, here are a few more values and corresponding organizations:

13. Promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development.

    – NC Biotechnology Center

    – Center for Entrepreneurial Development

    – North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

    – NC IDEA Foundation

14. Advocating for criminal justice reform and alternatives to incarceration.

    – Emancipate NC

    – ACLU of North Carolina

    – North Carolina Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

15. Protecting family values and traditional institutions.

    – NC Family Policy Council

    – North Carolina Values Coalition

16. Promoting free enterprise and limited government.

    – John Locke Foundation

    – Civitas Institute

    – North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation

17. Enhancing rural development and supporting rural communities.

    – North Carolina Rural Center

    – Golden LEAF Foundation

    – Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation

18. Promoting food security and sustainable agriculture.

    – North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks

    – Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

    – North Carolina Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

19. Advancing racial equity and social justice.

    – Racial Equity Institute

    – North Carolina Black Alliance

    – NAACP North Carolina

20. Preserving historical and cultural heritage.

    – Preservation North Carolina

    – North Carolina African American Heritage Commission

    – North Carolina Arts Council

These additional values and organizations further demonstrate the diverse range of issues and priorities that North Carolina nonprofits and advocacy groups are working to address, from economic development and criminal justice reform to rural issues, food security, racial equity, and cultural preservation.

Which values are important to you?

It was fun to get some help from Claude, but the bigger message is that there are dozens of groups concerned with the well-being of North Carolina’s next generation. Each of us can find groups that express values we believe are important. Whether they are true to their stated values and effective in promoting them is another matter, of course. If we do want the best possible future for our kids and grandkids in North Carolina, it seems worthwhile to check out these groups, make our own judgements about which ones are getting the job done, and give them a hand.



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  1. Terry Van Duyn

    As a former member of the North Carolina State Senate, I can attest to the contribution these organizations make to informing both North Carolina citizens and North Carolina policy makers about these critical issues. I urge anyone who cares about an issue in this list to check out their websites.


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